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What to bring with you

To be properly equipped for PrepforAmerica’s SAT preparatory courses you should have the following:

Supplies needed for PrepforAmerica courses, and allowed during the SAT test 

For the SAT test:

Registration ticket


Layered clothing

Wristwatch or clock: Watches that make noise will be removed.

Snack: can only be eaten during the break between sections

3 – No. 2 Pencils (no mechanical pencils, or pens) 
1 – Eraser 
1 – Calculator, a scientific or graphing calculator that does not have a Qwerty keyboard. 

Supplies needed specifically for PrepforAmerica courses: 

1 – PFA textbook (included when you pay your course registration fee) 
1 – Notebook

Packs of multicolored index cards, or similar note cards

Access to a computer

For your convenience we offer all of these items for sale at the PFA office, except calculators. A calculator is not necessary for the SAT test, but is highly recommended.