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Registering for a PFA class

To register for a PrepforAmerica course you must complete the following steps:

1. Download your registration form here, or request a copy to be emailed to you from
pdf Download form.

2. At least one week prior to the start of the class, visit the PrepforAmerica office to pay your fees and turn in your signed registration form. Your registration fee must be paid in cash, and does not include meals or bus service. After you have paid you will be given:

  • a fapiao
  • a welcome pack
  • class packet
  • PFA textbook

3. If you are applying for a scholarship to pay for your class, make sure you have given both your registration application, and your scholarship application and accompanying materials to the PrepforAmerica office by the scholarship deadline. You will be notified of your award no more than one week after the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted. After you have been notified of a successful scholarship decision you will be provided with your class materials.

If you have not received a scholarship you will be asked if you would like to resubmit your materials for the next available scholarship, or if you would like to pay for the class.

4. On the first day of your class you will be requested to purchase your PrepforAmerica supplies if you have not already done so. For your convenience PrepforAmerica has all necessary supplies available for sale on site.

On your first day, please be sure to bring both a valid form of identification, and a photo copy of your ID.

5. On your last day of the class your PrepforAmerica teacher or counselor will provide you with an individual exit interview. The interview will review how you’ve done in the class, what you still need to do to prepare for the exam, and what your next steps should be.