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American Culture

When you think of salt, what do you associate it with?

Did you answer weijin/ MSG, or did you answer pepper?

The SAT is written by Americans for Americans who have been raised in a similar cultural atmosphere. As such, anyone who was not born and raised in America may be at a disadvantage when answering some of the questions on the exam. American Culture is an optional class explaining cultural references that Third Culture Kids and English as a Second Language students will need to know.

Arrival information session

This session is part of the University Visit & Chaperone service.
As you arrive at each of your intended destinations your trip chaperone will provide you with a briefing packet, a verbal briefing about the location, a run through of your itinerary, and any additional information that you might need about each location.

Common Application

“The Common Application is a not-for-profit organization that serves students and member institutions by providing an admission application – online and in print – that students may submit to any of our 392 members.”

Exam Counseling

After every exam you will be given the opportunity to meet with a member of the SAT Team to review your result, and plan ahead.

Getting in to American Universities guidance and information packet

The information packet Getting in to American Universities is a general information packet about the process of preparing to apply to an American university, choosing an American university, and then applying to the university.

Internship Etiquette information packet

The etiquette of being an intern can be difficult to navigate, so PrepforAmerica has created a special guide on how to be an intern. We’ll tell you how to dress, how to answer a phone, and more, so you’re at your best from the first interview, to your first day at the office.

Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation can be from a teacher, a colleague, a family member, an advisor/mentor. These letters of recommendation are typically an assessment of your character and abilities that universities take into account when reviewing your application. As such, they are considered very important to the application process, and are not allowed to be influenced by the applicant. PrepforAmerica will guide you in choosing who to ask for a letter, explaining what the letter is, and guide you in how to have it submitted in a sealed and secure fashion by the letter’s author.


The mathematics sections is divided into the following groups:

  • multiple choice questions
  • student produced responses

This class work will emphasize instruction in math vocabulary, reviewing basic math skills and concepts, teaching tricks to get the correct answer quickly, and learning how to read the question correctly.

Mock Interview

A mock interview is a simulated interview conducted by PrepforAmerica staff. This interview is designed to ask you questions that you might encounter during the interview process, and assist you in giving the best response possible.

My University Life information packet

This is an individually tailored packet to help you prepare for what university life in America will be like.

Personal statement

The personal statement is the first impression you may make on a university. It is your opportunity to tell universities about your suitability for the course(s) that you hope to study. You will need to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment, and above all, ensure that you stand out from the crowd. The personal statement can be different to application essays.

Pre-departure information session

This session is provided to participants in the University Visit & Chaperone and Your University Life programs. This session will walk you through all the information you need to know before you get on a plane to your destination.

Presenting the best you!!

It isn’t always easy to know how to present yourself in a way that shows your full potential, spot unique traits, or know the areas in which you need improvement. PrepforAmerica Counselors will help you identify your unique traits, skills, and any potential pit-falls. You will then be given guidance in how to make the most of who you are in the university admissions process.

Reading Comprehension

This section of the SAT is broken into the following sections:

  • sentence completion
  • passage based reading

This class work will emphasize the most effective methods for maximizing your reading score while minimizing your reading, and review the necessary vocabulary.


A brief account of your education, skills, and prior experience.


Roots is an optional class that teaches you how to recognize the root of a word, derive its basic meaning, and correctly identify the word in question. This class is related to vocabulary and will help you to learn more vocabulary more efficiently.


A grant of payment made to support a student’s education. It is usually given on  needs based or merit based criteria.

The ins and outs of applying for scholarships packet

A specially designed PrepforAmerica product that helps you navigate the scholarship application process.

Timeline creation

It is important to know each stage of the university admissions process, and when you should be completing each stage. PrepforAmerica Counselors will work with you to create the optimal timeline to get you in touch with the universities you want to attend. 

University Admissions Counseling (phase 1)

Based on your cumulative exam scores a University Admissions Counselor will meet with you to give you an initial assessment regarding your university admissions options.

University Briefing Information Session and Packet

Every university is unique. Different universities have different strengths academically, economically, and socially. We’ll provide you with background information to help you understand the history, culture, academic strengths and weaknesses of each university.

Vocabulary Drills

Vocabulary Drills is an optional class that will assist you in learning necessary vocabulary, how to use that vocabulary, and how to immediately recognize it. In this class you will be creating and maintaining your personalized vocabulary lists.


The writing section of SAT is broken into several sections:

  • identifying sentence errors
  • improving sentences
  • improving paragraphs
  • essay writing

This class work will emphasize basic grammar rules, the atypical grammar that is targeted on the test, and on improving technique on timed essays.